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Vani R

Tejal Chopra


All of my life comes with ease joy & glory!!!
Gratitude to Priya n my foundation class team Sindhu, Vandy n Nishitha Bran, Sanjesh-my husband who was always there for me and to my unicorn baby-Shreiyah, who has chosen this class n where I am now????. I was in my end of 8th month,

Riyah Sanjesh

I remember the day I saw a young,energetic lady walking into my parent’s place to help my dad recover from his prolonged illness. Initially I was a bit confused as to how she could sense what’s happening in others body and how few tools can help my dad to recover. However over the period, I


The sessions which I had from you really brought a change in my life.
It gave me a lot of relief from all the tensions, emotions and unwanted relationships which I had. Gradually even my mother had a change in her life. She got relief from her tensions which she had. The advices which

Meghna 16 yrs

Sorry Mam, soon after the session I couldn’t realize the difference. After that while in the journey, I feel , the roads are new and beautiful, and my mind was blank, and negative feelings are not coming ever before, thank you ma’am for your sincere work to remove my bad feelings, thank you

M. D (Husband and Wife)

Me too totally impressed by priyas act about access bars. Me and my family members are very much benefited. It’s really awesome. One should definitely try with Priya.


Post pregnancy I had developed back pain. I did a session of access bars with PRIYA, .soon after the session my pain disappeared in a WEEK. One feels relaxed and energetic. thanks Priya


Access Bars is an amazing treatment with gentle touching on the head. Almost every day I used to get headaches and Zandu balm became part of my life. After the session I felt refreshed, relaxed and had a wonderful sleep after a long time without a balm or pill.? I could feel at peace,happiness inside


Sessions ‘What priya did in one session is equal to 10 psychiatrist sessions’

Tanisk Lalla 17yrs
Shared with his mother

I feel privileged enough to understand and learn Bars from the lady whose bars session I have seen as well as experienced myself. Priya, Bars facilitator of my session made session very relaxing, fun as well as full of refreshments. All the doubts, logical thinking, ifs and buts were put aside and everything suddenly started

Pooja Wasmatkar

The class was very informative and was well explained.
We were glad to know this much about our body and was surprised when we talked to our own body and when it responded.That was an un forgetable moment which you gave to us.
We felt free when you behaved very frankly with us


Lot of things have taken turn in my life in a beautiful way I am standing up for myself after so many years and able to speak up for myself with respect and dignity. No tears in my eyes but sheer joy of standing up for myself and taking all the leaps which I always

Bars and Foundation Participant

I sat in the garden this morning wondering how everything has changed within me.

I feel wonderful with everyday turning out to be a knowing of myself and how this cosmos responds beautifully to me.

This change came about for me after the Foundation class with Priya.

Access Bars and Foundation Participant
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