Few wonderful options for you to be you

To transform your life by inviting a roller coaster of Change, choose a personal session with me.

In these 1 on 1 interactions, you get to bring those specific struggles on the table. And together, we uncover the real issues underneath. I help you experience ease in those areas by using advanced clearings, techniques & energies.

You walk away feeling different because you have created change in your life, living & reality. You have become a different being.

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Here are some people who have created enormous change via these sessions.

I am an Access Consciousness Internationally Certified Facilitator as well.
That means, you get access to ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS’S Life Changing Classes with me.

Now, if you don’t know about Access Consciousness, It is a set of tools that are life changing.
These tools are extremely popular around the world as they create change that no other tools in the world do.
E.g enormous, gigantic changes in people’s realities. There is no limit to what you can have with these tools.
It does so by giving you the tools to practice.
In fact, one of my clients joked the other day that Access Classes are like Happiness Factories literally.
I couldn’t agree more.

So, here is what all you can learn with me (and more because remember, I don’t place limits & neither should you).

(delete buttons to the old reality and access to infinite possibilities)

Now, you’ll ask me what’s Access Bars?

Most simply put, it’s a tool that takes all the unnecessary stuff out of your life and transforms your life to a degree which is unthinkable and impossible for a normal, average life and living on earth. 

One of the simplest techniques, Access Bars, is something I recommend everyone to learn. It’s easy to learn & practice, both on self & others.

In a typical BARS session, few points on your head are gently touched & that begins the release of old programs (point of views)

Freedom from these gives you a new life.

Know more about it here.

THE FOUNDATION (4 days of intense internal cleansing 🤣)

Some who are hungry for more, choose to go to the next higher class from Access Consciousness after doing Access Bars,
i.e Access Foundation. Those who have done the course experience life time of crap saying bye-bye to them.
It is the beginning of a new life with a bang.

It’s a 4 day class (Yes, 4 days of absolute MADNESS, FUN & CHANGE).
And after Foundation class, you get access to other higher Access classes like ESB, 3 Day Body Class & Choice of Possibilities.

Foundation is one of my favourite class to facilitate few areas that we visit are

  • Tools for Money creation
  • 10 keys to success 
  • 3 to 4 Magical healing Body Processes
  • Entity and demon clearings
  • Elements of intimacy in Relationship
  • X-men capacities

Not giving away the rest here. Experience this exciting class in person & you’ll know.

Know more about it here

Love from People

Not giving away the rest here. Experience this exciting class in person & you’ll know.

More info


My experience with Body Processes happened even before I learnt Access Bars. I happened to buy this book “Talk to Animals” by Gary Douglas because I was always a curious one when it came to animals.

The book was nothing & I repeat NOTHING I expected. It was so different from any of the books I had read before. Gary had generously shared a tonne of tools in that book & also examples of how to use them.

Just to have some fun & test if the tools worked, I tried some of them on my cats & they frickin’ worked. I then tried on myself & again, they worked.

I used it on a small kitten with a deep fracture & it got completely healed in just a 30 min session, spread over two days. Wherever I was placing my hands, Magic was happening. And I knew it, in that very instant, that even though it was whacky, weird, it works.

And then, thanks to this experience, I was so much more interested in doing my BARS Class, FOUNDATION & then the 3 DAY BODY Class.

I teach these body processes now. Some of them are: 

  • Zero Sum of Trauma
  • Vision Correction
  • Erasure of FAT cells
  • Erasure of Emotional Intensities
  • Facelift


Now, this one’s for YOU, my friend. In fact, it’s for everyone. Not only it gives you younger and youthful look it also heals the body from within.

A lot of people look and be younger without any chemicals, needles, botox and surgery. Look younger. Look good. All naturally.

If you’d like to deep dive into some areas of your life, we have an independent 4 hour workshops for it. In which, you’ll get to experience some of the magical Access Tools & their usage to clear tonnes of blockages in specific areas of your life: e.g
Abuse etc

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Companies around the world are crippled by lower productivity, potency, life skills, health and creation. My workshops address the very core of what goes in the background that creates this. Few areas where we could engage with you are Empowering Workshops Wellness Soft Skill Building

Now, this is my kinda Theatre. Without any form and structure, it is as spontaneous & creative as it can get. It’s : Continuously Changing Never predictable Surprises you all the time Super fun to perform This is like life for me, in our life we aren’t given any script or a fixed end, characters are dynamic, we are constantly choosing what we’d like to create in our life. Game called life is fun when we are prepared with right kinda tools. Performing Improv gives a cutting edge to gamers. Join in on this fun ride. Join us as a performer Join for Mental Health this Sunday.

Democratic Education:

At BeMe, we believe that democratic learning spaces must be accessible to all children. As we reach full capacity in our space, we are constantly in the question, “How can we help create democratic learning spaces?”

So, Ankur got created in an attempt to share the learning from our journey with people who aspire to create their own spaces, transform their current spaces to a democratic learning space, or simply wish to work in these spaces of change.

Ankur is a 10 Session Program designed to get you started on your own journey. The sessions fall under 4 broad categories. Learn more about it here.

You and Your Surroundings

Animals and You

Community Contribution

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