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The World is Changing, Are you coming (along)?

Hey, I’m Priya Alti – currently enjoying tsunamis of change & this is my world. You can be as weird, whacky & wild here as you like because honestly, you can expect anything of that sort from ME!
Call me crazy and I have to tell you the TRUTH about me, I have a disorder. I have a disorder of continuously creating change. I love to be in action for moving towards something different, something better. E.g choosing life & creating it every 10 seconds. I would really like more of you to come along.
In your corporate job, have you ever felt,”Is this it ?”, “Is this what the rest of my life is going to look like ?” I felt this way after working in a *dream* job in a VLSI Company for 13 years. Ok, a little backstory here, I am a technical person by education and I have been to IIT… Woosh! Don’t get shocked…. It’s not that I was a straight A student right from school. Infact, I always hated school & the conventional teaching method. Rote Learning was a big NO NO in my world. I just focussed on passing & moving forward. However, one day, I chose engineering & set a target to get into the best college. As it was MY CHOICE, I did everything in my power to actualize it. I even studied & got the highest marks… Ok, now don’t judge me for this ! OR wait a sec, judge me if you like, I’m over it ! Anyways, this lead me to engineering and that’s how I got into IIT Delhi.
Now, cut to when my daughter, my biggest critic & motivator, Anagha was born. I was committed to not giving her this “conventional” life. Instead, I gifted her with an unconventional schooling. That was my first big step into something different, something I truly wanted for my kid, after 13 years of being in a rut. It felt liberating. After that, I quit my job and started exploring the avenues for the change I wanted to create in the world.
Education was one of those & I nurtured & cared for this dream of mine for 3 long years. Apart from education, I had lots of other insights, ideas & visions for creating change. However, I always felt that there got to be something that would explain all of this stupidity and change it right away.
It was this question that led me to consciousness and my life shifted 360 Degrees. Then, with the help of many tools (e.g Access, mediation), I found numerous awesome ways to actualize change.
One thing, consciousness connected me right to, is mother earth. A lot of us are looking at stopping destruction on earth and interestingly it’s not what we think is going to create that change, not the usual reduce, reuse and recycle, it’s consciousness or oneness. How does that connect? Read the interesting blog here.
So, in a nutshell, I’m a change facilitator, a therapist, a corporate trainer, an Improv Enthusiast & so much more…. I don’t place limits on what I can be & I invite you to do the same.
Would you like to create change in your life, living, reality, in your relationships & business & in anything & everything, there are multiple ways for you to get connected with me, I do :
1. Personal sessions
2. Empowering Workshops
3. Access Workshops
4. Improve theater for mental health
5. Actions for Change
Whatever is calling you, choose that & let me know here: or 9900581075
Right now, Change is riding the fastest bullet train in all the aspects that I wished to change. Here is my daughters version of me.

Looking forward to connecting with you. !

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