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Priya Alti

Wondering till I got out of IIT Delhi, then got amused for 13 years in IT companies.
Now truly happy as a
Life Transformation Coach, Educator,
Therapist, Counsellor,
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Happy to have you here. My name is Priya Alti and I wish you all the happiness and success that you have always been dreaming of but it somehow always eluded you. 

Here’s a little bit about me and why I love my current job so much.

Have you ever felt,“Is this it ?”, “ s this what the rest of my life is going to look like ?”.  I was no stranger to this feeling which burrowed its way through my intellect at a very early age. I questioned my schooling and somehow made myself get through it. I thought getting a few fancy degrees would be interesting, it held me for a while, then the above question became more strong, in job even more, in relationships even more. By the time my daughter was born it was pretty crazy.

When my daughter was born, I was committed to not giving her this “not so happy” life. We together made many choices. I quit my job and started exploring the avenues for the change in the world.

Education was one of the first things that came to mind- I nurtured & cared for this dream and I am happy that it has taken some form. Apart from education, I had lots of other insights, ideas & visions for creating change. However, I always felt that there has got to be something that would explain all of this stupidity and change it right away.

It was this question that led me to consciousness and my life shifted 360 Degrees and so did everything around me and  it continues to do so more everyday. With the help of many tools (e.g Access Consciousness, mediation), I found numerous awesome ways to actualize change. 

One thing consciousness connected me right to is mother earth. A lot of us are looking at stopping destruction on earth and interestingly it’s not what we think is going to create that change, not the usual reduction, reuse and recycle, it is consciousness or oneness. How does that make sense? Read the interesting blog  here.

I found the true purpose of life and I am happy as crazy now. Yes- like never before. I would really really love it if you could have this gift of magical creations and possibilities and find happiness too.

Whatever is calling you, choose that & let me know here: or 9900581075

Just for fun! Here is my daughter’s version of me. Before and After!
Looking forward to connecting with you. !


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