Is pride, shame, fear… coming in way of knowing life?

For years I denied I needed some fix. For me it was about being seen as less, if I ask for help. Obviously, I needed help for that first ??. Once that was done, it was easy. I approached a friend for therapy and after that even I couldn’t stop myself. It was just too awesome to stop. I asked for more change, more change, more change and changed so much that no one could recognize the new me.

Important thing is I realized we all need this perspective! and funny thing is no one has it in their school curriculum! or rather schooling and life snatched it away from us.

Looks like we all are lost in life ??
Some are more, some are less
some are aware they have problem, some are ignorant to it
Some deny it, some accept it
Some are ashamed to ask, some bold enough to cry
Some think too high of themselves, at the same time they do think very low of themselves
some are afraid of judgments, some judge themselves a lot
some are too shy, some are too bold
Some go for therapy, some don’t, some don’t need it, some really need it, for some it may not work, and for some it will do wonders.
Where ever we are It is important to know self! only then we can change it!

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