First thing, the article has nothing about how to find a perfect gift? It started like that though I was walking through the aisles of a shopping store in the christmas holidays with my daughter, in a heavily crowded mall. That gave me the same thought that you all must have got at some time. Why do we have to buy gifts?

Earlier I use to do some amount of cursing and cribbing on these occasions. This time it was different. I opened my mouth and talked to someone who was accompanying me, about how I use to operate from give and take till a few years back and what this thing that is called gifting and receiving is and how it has set me free. Something I learned from wonderful wonderful creators of Access Consciousness, Dr Dain and Gary Douglas., Access Consciousness®

By the way, give and take extends beyond holiday season and attaches itself to every other area of life. E.g: If you kick me I will kick you back, you insult me I will insult you back, you block my number I will block your number back. Ha Ha Ha-this is the entertainment of our life! You know what I am talking about.

What is gifting and receiving? And what is give and take? (Spot the difference)
Give and Take is based on exchange. Its like if you give and I will give it back. For example physical gifts, emotional exchange E.g:You love me then I will love you back. What does that create?
If you don’t return a physical gift, kind act or cruel act by someone, it bothers you.
You feel small or less just to take
You feel superior and large to just give
There is a compulsive need to repay for things.
And blah blah blah

Gifting and Receiving goes beyond what others would think of you and what you think of others and what you think of yourself. It goes beyond expectations, customs, projections and points of views. Exchange is not compulsory here. It happens from choice that individuals make! Gift of kindness, gift of gratitude, gift of care, something that truly contributes….YES this list if very yummy. It brings in a lot of joy in life and living. You can still give gifts and receive gifts and it doesn’t have to be customary for the holiday seasons. It’s like whenever you find something that would contribute to someone you just gift, even if it’s NOT holiday season or an event. How does this sound?

This is something that happens in nature all the time!

I hope I am not making anyone right or wrong! May be ignore me and all of the above and look at the questions below. Here they are.

Does this contribute to this person and earth?
Is it fun?
is that creating entertainment or entrapment?
Is it taking your choice away?
Is it setting you free?
Is it creating any pain or suffering?
Are you enjoying it?
Is it creating more money for you?
Are you judging yourself and others?
If you continue to do it what does your future look like?
If you discontinue to do it what does your future look like?

It takes a level of courage to break patterns. Once you do there is a total freedom.

“Access Consciousness® is a registered and trademarked company and name. This article is an individual creation does not necessarily entirely reflect the teachings of points of view of Access Consciousness® or Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer.”

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