Know yourself

Is pride, shame, fear… coming in way of knowing life?

For years I denied I needed some fix. For me it was about being seen as less, if I ask for help. Obviously, I needed help for that first ??. Once that was done, it was easy. I approached a friend for therapy and after that even I couldn’t stop myself. It was just too awesome to stop. I asked for more change, more change, more change and changed so much that no one could recognize the new me.

Important thing is I realized we all need this perspective! and funny thing is no one has it in their school curriculum! or rather schooling and life snatched it away from us.

Looks like we all are lost in life ??
Some are more, some are less
some are aware they have problem, some are ignorant to it
Some deny it, some accept it
Some are ashamed to ask, some bold enough to cry
Some think too high of themselves, at the same time they do think very low of themselves
some are afraid of judgments, some judge themselves a lot
some are too shy, some are too bold
Some go for therapy, some don’t, some don’t need it, some really need it, for some it may not work, and for some it will do wonders.
Where ever we are It is important to know self! only then we can change it!

Depression is Curable


If you are here, thank you for your courage!

I meet many people who have this fear that they can’t be happy ever in their life and that they are going to die of depression and they have to take medicine for their lifetime. To me it is such a false version. I always know what else is possible for them. Years back I was in that space too. I didn’t go to a physiatrist or talk to anyone. I was on my own. Thank god to my love for animals I saw that there is light at the end of this stupid tunnel. Did you notice,  animals don’t have anything called depression. Yes they don’t have most of the diseases we have .. e.g stress, anxiety, depression, this is true for those who live in their natural habitat. Those who live with people, unfortunately end up taking people’s issues.. So that leaves us with an interesting question.

Are we creating it? Is it unique to us? And if we are creating it, how can we change it?

Answer is yes, how and why would we make this choice? Let’s leave that deep digging question for some other time. We will all agree on this point that there is a lot under there.

The Good news is, if we are the creators of it. We can un-create it too! 

Grab a pen and paper and note down these few very basic things!

Number one is going to surprise you!

Number one:

That depression you are suffering from, who does it belong to?

Notice what happens inside of you when you ask the above question. If you just lightened up here, that is because it isn’t yours. What is true for you makes you feel lighter and what is lie for you makes you feel heavier. Light means you are living someone else’s depression and sadness. 

Yes that is true, we are part of this universe that is made of atoms and we are a bunch of atoms too. Our atoms are constantly communicating with atoms in the universe. Sometimes we are happy and other times we are not, and the same thing goes on with atoms of others too. What if I tell you that you are sometimes around unhappy atoms and instead of being aware that they are not your atoms, you make them yours. This can happen over and over and it will only make you feel that it is yours. That means you become sadder and sadder. More depressed.

What is the antidote, to be aware! In Access Consciousness we have a tool called, who does it belong to? 

Who does it belong to? is a tool that when you use will make things lighter for you when they are not yours. How to ask? just ask every pain, thought, feeling and emotion in you, who does this belong to?. if it lightens up a little, return it back to the sender with consciousness attached. 

Watch the video for more details.

Number two

Second tool here is being in the question. Questions like, what do you get to avoid when you have depression? What are the benefits of having it? If you get clarity around that, ask how do I change it?

One of my young clients acknowledged that depression helped her to not study and perform in school. Her parents allowed her to do basic study and did not pressure her. It was avoidance to perform that created depression in her. The approach that we followed with her was based on what is her potency? Once we identified that potency it was easy to change the study part. She said bye bye to depression.

In another example, a young man could stay at home and avoid facing people because of depression. His reality was so judgmental, full of lies, and not very pretty. Creating his own reality from scratch felt like a huge task to him and depression was safer for him. He eventually faced all of that and said bye bye to depression.

That is how simple it could be. Key to create a change in low times is, be in Question. Simple questions like, How does it get any better than this? and What else is possible? what would it take for this to be ease, joy and glory? could lead you to possibilities to have total ease.

Number Three

Have you bought others points of views? I met someone who needs constant reassurance that depression is curable. She was constantly told by her friends, doctors, and family that she can’t be happy on her own. She was convinced that she has to live through this for the rest of her life. 

Couple of bars sessions, (video above) got her out of depression and she was happy again. However her family made her believe she cannot give up her medication. I gave her the tool, interesting point of view, I have this point of view. Repeating this tool gets you out of fixed point of view. What if I tell you your point of view creates your reality and reality doesn’t create your point of view. To change your reality, all you have to do is get out of point of view. This tool can do that for you!

Just repeat, interesting point of view, I have this point of view, a couple of times to delete the point of view. You can do this in your mind or out loud.  You know that point of view is gone when you feel lighter and different. Once it is gone you are free to create your own reality.

That is it folks. That is it for now! keep exploring and keep doing the tools and write to me what changed for you!

I hope to meet you in person somewhere in this word. Thank you!

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