Think about anger.

Observe, How is your body?

tensed, contracted, hot, red, sweaty?

Just thinking about anger did this to you and your body.

Now think about a nice beach or holiday spot. Maybe you should do it with eyes closed.

Observe, How is your body responding now?

Lighter, more space, joyful, orgasmic

Just thinking about nice things changed your bodies response again.

What does this tell us? Our thoughts are a change creator. They change molecules and atoms in the body and they affect everything in the life. They are the creators and it doesn’t stop at that. Let’s look at what our thoughts are doing to the entire planet?

Lets look at it from science point of view. The entire universe is just a pool of tiny atoms. What we do with our body and our life with thoughts is pretty much what we are doing to the entire planet. Thoughts travel and they travel distance. Anger that begins in you, travels and multiples and affects so many other atoms and molecules. Basically our world is just a pool of our thoughts. And we aren’t creating much there.

Just look at the predominant thoughts in the world. They are that of hatred, anger and lack. Everyone is infested with that. Unless we choose to be conscious about our thoughts, we are all subscribing and contributing to the insanities of this world. Being conscious doesn’t just mean being awake. It is an ability to be present to all the thoughts, feelings and emotions and going beyond judgements of self and others. Trees and animals are conscious. Except we the people, everything else is conscious and contributing to the earth.

If we all choose that, wonder what magic we will create?

What actions can we do now?

Put consciousness as your top most priority! Above your self interest too. Find what works for you. Meditation, Access bars, yoga, or do anything that works for you. Practice it like the future of coming generation depends on it and you are their only hope.

Thank you!

For more details, google and ask.

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